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2016 Issue boxset

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2016 Issue 1

The two-child bombshell still has folks reeling with the possibilities, and families are now pressed with a very important question: should we? Similarly, tradition has fallen to pragmatism with the rise of the househusband in China. But, there are also those often left out of the family debate: the elderly, as China faces grave questions about its aging population. From the nuclear family to nuclear power, we also look at the problems China is having in getting locals to accept the power of the atom, as well as fantastic features on the rising rap scene in the Middle Kingdom and a guide to the modern rise of the online literature industry. Enjoy some original fiction from Han Zhiliao, art from He Xun on the concept of the paradox, and some stunning photography from the Buddhas Chongshan Village. Besides all that, we have all the news, reviews, and views you’ve come to expect from us here at TWOC.





2016 Issue 2

There’s precious little privacy in the online world, but there are those who scramble to give theirs away for a shot at stardom and cold hard cash; we take a look at what makes internet celebrities what they area and how the followers that make them break them. We’ve also got features on the changing face ofChina’s ethnic gods andChina’s credibility crisis in academia, along with a look at the African community in Guangzhou. This issue is packed with the usual news, views, and reviews you’ve come to expect from us here at TWOC, including fiction from an up-and-coming mainland author about the vagaries of Hong Kong life as a student, a study in the Chinese side ofSingapore, and the rebirth of Confucius at the turn of the century. Grab your copy and enjoy the story ofChinatoday.

 封面故事:在互联网经济时代, “网红”崛起,毁誉不一。 普通人是如何在网上走红的?网红的身份又带来了哪些机遇?对一些网络红人来说,失宠于大众仿佛是不可避免的宿命。他们享受着万众瞩目的,也会时常遭到大批网民的集体批评。到头来究竟是我们消费了“网红”, 还是“网红”消费了我们?




 2016 Issue 3

The gaps between rich and poor, urban and rural, even young and old are perhaps nowhere more prevalent than in the world of dating. Tradition remains, but the modern world has its part to play in the peculiar realm of courting in the Middle Kingdom. Those in rural areas still rely on the grace and connections of a professional matchmaker caused in no small part by the country’s gender imbalance. Lastly, we look at the pick-up artists ofChina—and how their Chinese proponents are adding a Chinese flavor to this distasteful dish.

 Also this issue, we’ve got the surprisingly arduous journey of golf inChina, how it failed and how it might succeed once again with golf in the Olympics. In addition, we also look at the nation’s struggles with burgeoning Ponzi schemes that are bred from mistrust and lead many down dark paths. Our last feature takes on a slightly more upbeat subject: sexy lingerie; China has long been enthralled to foreign manufacturers in this arena, but the heart of manufacturing and a centuries-old piece of underwear might be bringing naughty knickers back home.

 In this edition, literature lovers will find a new wuxia story from an up and coming female writer as well as an interview with Hans Christian Andersen Award winner Cao Wenxuan. We’ve also got some tasty reviews ofChina’s recent mer-film spectacular and a look into Mai Jia’s Decoded. All that and more are just a click away.

封面故事:数不清的婚恋网站和交友APP, 千奇百怪的“把妹学”“女德班”, 供不应求的古老职业“媒人”……所有这些, 都服务于当今年轻人“找对象”这件大事




 2016 Issue 4

 China’s agricultural sector faces some very strange problems when it comes to getting your food to plate. From the organic revolution and food security to mechanizing China’s patchwork of farmland, the future of the country’s tables are in the fields. Also this issue, we look at how bullying has shaped the face of education in China, be they teachers or students. Next, you can learn more about how the price of death has skyrocketed in the Middle Kingdom in recent years—from a family affair to a funerary festival. If your tastes run more to the artistic, head on over to our article “Still Life in the City” to see how suburban art districts are born. Besides that we have the usual mix of news, views, and reviews you’ve come to expect from us here at TWOC. Enjoy!




2016 Issue 5

Chairman Mao famously said that women hold up half the sky. Well, it’s time to pay up. Learn more about how women aren’t getting their share, how harassment shapes the workplace, and how China can become the benchmark for female equality in the workplace in “Women’s Work”. Also this issue, we discuss one of the worst things on the internet: spam. China is fast becoming a haven for the spam market, which, incidentally, is worth billions. Learn more in “Click Click Boom”. Authentic Chinese cuisine is making a comeback overseas in “Culinary Incursion” and we learn more about how money in museums isn’t necessarily such a bad thing in “Forbidden Money”. Besides all that we’ve got a review of Liu Cixin’s Death’s End, original fiction from a very dark young voice, the inside story on the saddest polar bear in the world, and much more. Download today, and enjoy.






2016 Issue 6

 Sticking our head in the sand when it comes to climate change is no longer an option (though admittedly easier considering the rate of desertification), and China is at the forefront of mitigating the effects of global warming. Can the Middle Kingdom rise to the infrastructure challenges posed by the specter of global warming? Perhaps, but these problems are getting bigger every day. We’ve also got “Out of Time” this issue, which discusses the prevalence of overtime and how it’s affecting the modern workplace. “Open the Gates” looks at how Chinese parks are anything but public and how they might be opening up in the very near future. For our final feature, we have “New Age of Ads,” which looks at how social media profiles are becoming a haven for advertisers wanting to capitalize on temporary online celebrity. As usual, we aim to bring you the very best in Chinese stories, including a first-ever look at a translated short story by Hugo Award-winner Hao Jingfang, a look into China’s last cavalry ranch, and a study into the cultural tropes and hopes of fox mythology. So, what are you waiting for? Get your copy today.





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